One of a kind. Tania Cagnotto has managed to win an Olympic medal in the 3 metre springboard diving event on her fifth attempt. She matches her father Giorgio's bronze from Moscow 1980. Thirty-six years later, Italy is back on the podium in this event with another Cagnotto just behind China's Shi (406.05) and He (387.90), thanks to the last dive: 81 points, pulling away from Canada's Abel and allowing her to finish on 372.80.
A fitting end for the Italian diver, obtained in her fourth Olympic final, after Athens 2004 (eighth), Beijing 2008 (fifth) and London 2012 (fourth). The medals comes a week after winning silver in the synchro event with Francesca Dallape. It is the 20th medal for Italy at Rio 2016. A perfect round figure, like Tania's career.


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